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MessageSujet: Rituels désirés (Note to shade)   Rituels désirés (Note to shade) EmptyMar 30 Jan - 9:18

C'est juste pour me rappeler ce que j'aimerais acheter...

Shadow of the Wolf
Created by: Ian Turner ( Level: 6 Sect: Antitribu
Casting time: 90 Duration: Until Dawn

At the conclusion of this ritual, the caster immediately becomes a Garou (Rank 1+ 3 blood per rank, limit 4) of appropriate Breed and Auspice. The caster may use appropriate level gifts from his breed and aupice, but may not use strictly tribal gifts, and may not use his vampiric Disciplines except mental ones (use gnosis instead of blood), because his body and his prestance are changed but cerebral capabilities remains the same. The caster may revert back to his vampiric state at any time, ending the effect.


Sands of Time
Created by: Ian Turner ( Level: 3 Sect: Tremere
Casting time: 45 Duration: Until used

This ritual enchants a number of doses of white sand and glass shards so that when one dose is thrown on a victim, his next action is lost, allowing anyone nearby to gain automatic surprise. One Willpower Trait must be expended for each dose of sand.


Fire in the Blood
Created by: White Wolf Level: 4 Sect: Antitribu
Casting time: 60 Duration: Until dawn

This ritual allows the caster to later curse the target by speaking a single word to him, causing him one aggravated wound every time he performs an action in combat, for the duration. To curse the target, the caster must win a challenge of his Mental Traits against the target's Physical Traits.


Black Water
Created by: Ian Turner ( Level: 2 Sect: Black Hand
Casting time: 30 Duration: until used

This ritual creates a pint of special pitch-black oil for each Blood Trait expended during the casting. The oil will not spoil, and each pint can turn a swimming pool-sized quantity of water as black as night for a week's time unless diluted with an equal amount of fresh water, or the water evaporates. The water is perfectly normal in all other respects, but will not allow any light to penetrate it.


Bane of Wooden Doom
Created by: Trenton Deshire ( Level: 3 Sect: Tremere
Casting time: 45 Duration: Until staked

During this ritual, the subject must allow himself to be staked, requiring the expenditure of a Willpower Trait and causing a wound. The stake is then removed, and the next time he is successfully staked, the stake shatters, sending shards flying back at the wielder's heart with equal force. If the attacker is aware of the ritual, he is allowed a Simple Test, which he must win, not tie, to avoid being staked himself.


Eyes of the Beast
Created by: Ian Turner ( Level: 3 Sect: Tremere
Casting time: 45 Duration: 24 hours

This ritual attunes the caster to an animal that is present for the casting so that at any time during the duration, the caster may see through the animal's eyes. The caster has no control over the animal, but may invoke this ability even when sleeping.


Apport Object
Created by: Ian Turner ( Level: 4 Sect: Tremere
Casting time: 60 Duration: Until used

This ritual enchant an object so that the caster may summon the object the next time he wills it. Once used, the enchantment ends. Range is not a factor, though the ritual will not summon things to other planes, such as the Shadowlands or the Umbra.


Ritual Trigger
Created by: Deirdre Brooks Level: 4 Sect: Tremere
Casting time: 90 Duration: Indefinate

This ritual, when cast immediate after another ritual, delays the previous ritual until a certain set of conditions occur, which are specified by the caster. The delay may be Indefinate, but the trigger must take place within sight of the caster.

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Rituels désirés (Note to shade)
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